Splitter    Battery Clip   Extension Cord

Cigarette Lighter Extension / Splitter



  • 8-foot Cigarette Lighter Extension Cord.

  • Dual Splitter

  • 12v 10 amp


Battery Clip Extension w/9" Cord


  • A clip-on lighter accessory adapter

  • Runs 12-volt appliances by connecting directly to battery terminals

  • Suitable for mobile phone chargers, camping accessories, and anything with a cigarette lighter plug

  • Can be attached easily to motorcycles, Quads, ATVs, Scooters, Cars, Vans, Campervans and etc.

  • 9 inch (23cm) extension cord with positive and negative battery insulated clamps at one end

  • Cigarette Lighter Style Power Receptacle Included

Cigarette Lighter Extension Cord


  • Length: 4'

  • LED indicator

  • Fuse protected