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All of our planispheres are made of high quality sulphate cardboard, protected by a layer of varnish,

 with an upper disc made of transparent PVC.

Suitable for Ages 10 and Up



  • 700 Stars , 300 Binocular objects (galaxies, double stars, variable stars, nebulae etc).

  • Each version of the Plainsphere covers 10 deg. of Latitude (+ / - 5°).

  • Shows right ascension and declination, allowing You to locate planets, asteroids and comets.

  • A very accurate ecliptic, divided into all days of the year.

  • A number of special ‘points’: the centre of the Milky Way, the galactic and ecliptic poles, the apex and the stars Proxima Centauri and Barnard’s star.

  • 3 versions that will cover the entire U.S.

  • 30° version covers Southern U.S. (S. Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi,  Louisiana, Southern Arkansas, Texas, Southern New Mexico, Arizona, Southern California).

  • 40° version covers Central U.S. (New Hampshire, Vermont, N.Y, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, N. Carolina, W. Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Southern Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Northern Arkansas, Lower S. Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Northern Arkansas, Wyoming, Colorado, Northern New Mexico, Northern Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, California.

  • 50° version covers Northern U.S. (Maine, Northern Michigan, Northern Minnesota, North Dakota, Montana, Northern Idaho, Washington).


Green Laser Pointer



  • Expected Life: > 5,000 hours

  • Class: Class III

  • Powered by 2 x AAA Batteries (Included)

  • Laser Wavelength: 532nm

  •  Visible green light beam in dark area.

  • Dimension :14 x 160mm

  •  Laser Output power: 5mW


Observing Eye Patch



  • Use while setting up equipment well before the start of your session, and you will be have a fully dark-adapted eye when you're ready to begin observing.

  • Use the patch on your non-observing eye, this lets you keep both eyes open, and reduces eye fatigue.

  • One Size Fits All.

Bubble Level


$5                            $12

  • 25mm diameter (1")

  • 2" diameter

  • Use to level your tripod or other equipment

  • Also useful for leveling your RV or trailer


Illuminated Magnifier

  • 2x Magnification

  • Available With Either 4 - Red or 4 - Green LED’s

  • Lens Size 3" X 3"

  • Uses 2 AA batteries (Not Included)

  • Adjustable Handle (0° to 45° angle)

Illuminated Desktop Magnifier



  • Magnification: 3X

  • Light source: 4 RED LEDs

  • Lens Size 8.27 x 11.69 inches

  • Uses 2 AAA batteries (Not Included)

  • Legs Fold for Storage

Defroster / Hair Dryer - 12v



  • Plugs directly into your lighter/power socket

  • 90° Pivoting head

  • Folding handle and hang loop for easy storage

  • 8-foot power cord -  12 amps - 180 watts

more coming soon!