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Sight Saver

Eyeglass Cord



  • Don't Drop Your Glasses While Your Star Gazing.

  • Available in Black, Blue, or Red

  • Eyeglass cord allow you to easily slip your glasses on and off and not worry about losing them in the dark.

  • Also great for holding your glasses anytime they are not in use.


Kool Kollars

Tie it on, wear it to keep cool all day

Cotton fabric filled with superabsorbent polyacrylamide crystals that expand and soak up water. PH neutral and non-toxic

Cools by Evaporation


Moon & Stars

Multi-Color Stars on Black

Multi-Color Stars on Red







Multi-Color Stars on Blue







White Stars & Saturn

Just soak these collars in water to make them PLUMP UP. They will stay COOL for OVER 36 hours!!

Observing Eye Patch



  • Use while setting up equipment well before the start of your session, and you will be have a fully dark-adapted eye when you're ready to begin observing..

  • Use the patch on your non-observing eye, this lets you keep both eyes open, and reduces eye fatigue.

  • One Size Fits All.

Adjustable Bungee Cords


  • Perfect accessory for securing telescope covers, telescopes tents and tarps.

  • Quick release locking mechanism is what makes using these tie-downs a snap!

  • 1/4" X 40"




  • Perfect accessory for carrying flashlights and keys.

  • Blue Tube Lanyard

  • .6" wide X 19" Long

  • Split ring with quick release

Astronomy Playing Cards



Play your favorite card games while studying the constellations.

Each card in this deck features its own illustration, helping you to become acquainted with the star patterns that make up each skyward shape.

Learning has never been so much fun!