Items to Enhance Your AstroGazer

High Table - $175

Low Table - $175.

Lower Shutter - $120


The shutter’s primary purpose is to protect the user from direct and indirect ground lighting. It will also provide additional protection from the wind and cold. It is not meant to be left on when the AstroGazer is not in use. The shutter should be removed from the AstroGazer and the view opening cover rolled completely down to provide protection from the weather whenever the AstroGazer is not in use.

Skirt - $150

The skirt's purpose is to provide additional protection from direct and indirect ground lighting and to provide additional protection from the wind and cold. It is designed to be left on when the AstroGazer is not in use.


Anchoring Your AstroGazer

Since most of our customers are using their AstroGazer as permanent or semi-permanent observatories, we now offer an anchoring system that provides up to 3200 lbs of holding force. This anchoring system consists of 2 parts to strengthen the AG against high winds. The first part is the earth anchor system which secures the lower part of the AG to the ground. The The 2nd part consists of 6 holding straps which provide additional holding force between the dome supports and the lower cylinder.

Once you have assembled your AG i its permanent position, it is time to anchor it to the ground. We recommend using our earth anchor system because it is inexpensive, easy to install, and very sturdy. Each earth anchor system includes 4 anchors , 1 drive steel (used to drive anchors into the ground), and galvanized mounting hardware needed to secure the anchors to the base.




Step 1 - Place the earth anchor in the ground approximately 6 inches away from the AstroGazer. Put the drive steel inside of the anchor and use your hammer to drive it into the ground. A 3 or 4 lb. hammer will be heavy enough to drive the anchor in most soils. A larger hammer may be needed to penetrate hard soils. Drive the anchor until only the cable loop is showing above ground level.
Step 2 - Once you have driven the anchor into the ground, Pull the drive steel out of the ground and insert it into the loop at the end of the cable. Pull cable out of the soil until there is no additional movement. This will rotate the anchor into a horizontal (locked) position. This positions the Earth Anchor into the “set” position.

Step 3 - The Earth Anchor is “set” for maximum holding capacity when it is perpendicular with the direction of the securing cable. Now loop your guying strap or cable through the cable loop and complete your tie down procedure.
The upper hook of securing straps are  attached to a securing point on the observatory dome.
The lower part of securing strap is attached to the lower cylinder ring.

If you do not need the earth anchors because you are securing your AstroGazer to a concrete or wood pad, the upper dome securing system is available separately for $85