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Astronomy Accessories That Are...

Beyond The Ordinary !

The AstroGazer

The Only True Portable Observatory

Our 10í Dome keeps your telescope protected from the elements.

Easy assembly requiring no tools, portable for use at star parties but built strong enough for long-term or permanent use in your back yard.

Suitable as a permanent or temporary observatory

Be sure to come & see the AstroGazer at one of the many star parties we attend.

Check out the new anchoring system for permanent and semi-permanent installations

Telescope Covers

Protect your investment with our weatherproof, reflective cover.

The EZ Gazer

Binocular Viewing System


Do your arms get tired and shaky when you are looking at the sky with your binoculars?

Try out our EZ Gazing System. Itís comfortable, adjustable and lets you relax while star gazing.


Red / Green LED Products

We carry batteries for all our products as well as for most battery powered astronomy equipment and never a charge for shipping on any battery type

LED Flashlights LED Lanterns Solar Yard Lights
Head Lamps  Kick-Me-Not's Red / Green Bulbs
Red Programmable LED Name Tags Cap Lights USB Lights
LED Stick-Up Light Motion Sensor Light Red / Green / Blue Desk Lamp

New Items:

Desktop Illuminated Magnifier


Click here for info on Green light for night vision preservation

Astronomy Computer Accessories




Transparent Red & Green (self-adhering) screen covers


For Phones, Cameras, Tablets and PDA's

No adhesive residue (Static Cling)

!!!!! Works with Touch Screens  !!!!

Observing Accessories

Accessories & Novelties

Quilts, Blankets & Pillows        Kool Collar        Eye Patch        Lanyards

Sight Savers            Bungee Cords   Astronomy Playing Cards


Astronomy Jewelry

Necklaces & Matching Earrings

Custom Wood Signs

Show Everyone that you are Proud to be an Astronomer

Great for Introducing Yourself at Star Parties or Observing Site

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See the AstroGazer Travel the Country

Star Parties

Come see the AstroGazer at one of the many star parties we attend.

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